KPOSoft Services

Software Development

Leading edge software development and design of information systems which also includes websites, web services and 3rd party integration. Software systems that are supported on all mobile platforms.

Quick Support

Customer service excellence is our main priority. Good Communication and quick response times to clients.

Client Feedback

We are always available to help. Just send us an email or call and we will attend to your needs.

Awesome Stats

Our turnover time is impeccable and our current and past clients are testaments to this.


Our systems are easily updated and accessible worldwide.

Accounting & Tax Services

We provide excellent accounting services for all business needs.


We are an Application Development and Information Technology Consulting Services Company, that also specialises in developing customised financial systems.  We provide leading edge technology solutions to meet cilents everyday problems.
Providing SME's businesses with Technology mehodologies that will save cost, time and improve quality of services or products that they produce. This is acheived through automation and streamling of daily business activities with customised software systems and also with implementation and integration of third party systems.
Providing Management at all levels with systems to monitor and track work progress throughout an Organisation. We strive to provide clients with the most efficient and effective solutions available for their budget, within the shortest time frame.